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Address: Private residence next to Neshkoro Millpond boat landing on S. West St., Neshkoro, WI
(In process of being painted)

Neshkoro Millpond

This is mural is partially complete and is scheduled to be finished in Spring of 2012. The artist is Camela Sell. Sell was born in Wisconsin and has been a resident of Montello, Wisconsin since 1995. Sell has been a wildlife artist and amateur naturalist since a young age, achieving her dream of opening a gallery - C. J. Sell Wild Life Art Gallery in Montello. Her passion for nature paid off when she entered and placed fourth in the Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist Print Contest. " Artist C.J. Sell encompass both wildlife and landscape in compelling and realistic views of Wisconsin's outdoor world. Working in soft and vibrant layers of acrylic paints, with nuances of shadow and light, her goal is to draw you in and reveal the beauty of nature." Sell was been commissioned by the Montello Historic Preservation Society, using a Wisconsin Arts Board Grant, to paint four small murals that use a historic quilt from Marquette County, as well as incorporating local flora and fauna. Sell is also available to paint barn quilts.

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(Slideshow shows mural progression)