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Address: N6978 Cty. Hwy. Ed, Westfield, WI
Owners: Hope & Ryan Kendall

Harvest Star

Hope and Ryan Kendall received this barn quilt for a wedding present from family and friends. Hope chose a Harvest Star pattern because, as she says, “Harvest time has always been a favorite time of ours. While it is full of hard work and long hour days, it also is the most rewarding time of year for us. There is nothing that beats being out in the field and harvesting the crops that we have sweat and stressed over all season long. The tiny seeds that were so faithfully planted in the springtime have been nurtured and hopefully have multiplied a hundred times over by the time the combine starts to roll in the fall. It is during harvest time that the night sky starts to come alive as well.  For those that are lucky enough to experience it, there is something truly magical that happens when the sky turns to dusk and the lights of the combine kick in. And it’s under this nighttime sky that Ryan and I have spent a lot of time together and apart bringing in the crops every fall on our families’ farms.”

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