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Each Barn Quilt and Hidden History Mural is unique. To learn more, click on a location and it will take you to that particular story and photo. The key at the bottom will also take you to the location and story of the Barn Quilt or Hidden History Mural you are looking for.

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Hidden History Murals

  1. Streak of Lightning over Sugarloaf, Hwy. 73 and Cty. Rd. E, Neshkoro
  2. Youth Partners in Civic Leadership I, Oxford Elementary School (indoors), 222 Franklin Ave., Oxford
  3. Youth Partners in Civic Leadership II, Oxford Village Hall (2 indoors), 129 Franklin Ave., Oxford
  4. Westfield Veterans, Spring St. at bridge by Mill Pond, Westfield
  5. Fish on Barn, Cty. Rd. E, west of Westfield
  6. Welcome to Packwaukee, W5950 Main St., Packwaukee
  7. Sunflowers, Cty. Rd. C, west of Montello, Packwaukee
  8. Outdoor Wildlife Panorama, Rivers Bend Resort (indoors), W2614 Fox Lane, Montello
  9. Granite City, 55 W. Montello St., Montello
  10. Granite Falls Supper Club (indoors), 36 W. Montello St., Montello
  11. Reetz Meats, 230 S. Main Street; Community Mural, 230 S. Main Street; and Old Schoolhouse, 230 S. Main St., Neshkoro
  12. Endeavor Lion's Park, Lions Park, Church St., Endeavor
  13. Streak of Lightning and Early Settlers, 125 Lawrence St., Westfield
  14. Tuffy the Bear, W8790 Hwy. 82, Oxford
  15. Vaughn Hall and Native Americans, 55 W. Montello St., Montello
  16. Neshkoro Millpond, Near boat launch in Neshkoro
  17. Henry Gauger Memorial Mural, Lions Park, Church St., Endeavor
  18. Glenn Steffen Memorial Mural, Lions Park, Church St., Endeavor
  19. Freedom Isn't Free & Some Gave All, Pocket Park, Main St., Neshkoro
  20. Historic Neshkoro, 126 S. Main St., Neshkoro
  21. Jacob's Ladder, Corner of Main St. and Hwy. W in Montello (The only stoplight in all of Marquette County)
  22. First Train to Neshkoro, 537 S. Main St., Neshkoro
  23. Oxford Spirit, Sky Blue Dreams, 135 W. Ormsby St. (Hwy. 82), Oxford
  24. Harrisille Historic Mural, Harrisville Sportsmans Club Community Building, County J, Harrisville
  25. Historic Telephone Company, 113 N. Oxford St., Oxford
  26. Up North Hunting, United Country Real Estate, 126 W. Ormsby St. (Hwy 82, indoors), Oxford