Barn Quilts and Hidden History Murals Trails

Make your own Barn Quilt


Fees Involved:

  • Materials will be approximately $300 Artist fee will depend on the intricacy of the pattern or design, the number of colors, and the overall size of the Barn Quilt
  • Some people prefer to hang their own Barn Quilt while others use a company with a hoist, such as a sign company, and that cost is approximately $150.
  • Simple barn quilts may be in the $500 range while a more complicated design may range from $700 to $1,000.

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June Schumacher - Artist

Schumacher’s work can be found in numerous homes and businesses in Florida and Canada and many other locations around the country. After traveling for eight years as an itinerant muralist, Schumacher moved to Endeavor and purchased one of the oldest homes in the village. In the middle of renovating the home to her studio, a fire destroyed the home and all the artist’s possessions. Now Schumacher is a board member of the Marquette County Historical Society and working with the Montello Historical Society as Project Director of the Hidden History Mural Trail. She works closely with the Barn Quilt Mural Project in designing and implementing the county-wide Mural Trail.

Schumacher has rebuilt her Garden Gate Studio and again is available to create: Barn Quilts & Wall Murals; Trompe l’ Oeil – Murals, Faux finishes – walls, Floors & Furniture; Restoration & Historic Reproduction; Hand-cut Stenciling; Rescued Furniture – One-of-a-kind Pieces; and Yard and Garden Art. Studio open by chance or appointment.

Schumacher is also the Project Director for the Hidden History Mural Trail.

Contact Information
June Schumacher
(608) 587-2388